3 Keys to Cultivate Your Mind-Body Relationship for BIG Results

Let’s talk about THE most important relationship for taking your health to the next level.

It’s the relationship between your mind and body. I believe we live in a culture that values how our body looks, but falls seriously short on helping us actually take care of it. Listening to your body unlocks the most valuable information you need to heal.

Three Keys to Cultivate Your Mind-Body Relationship for BIG Results

1) Listen – rather than criticize your body for being broken, consider what it’s telling you. Symptoms are it’s way of asking for help – it will whisper at first, but if you don’t listen those whispers will turn into yells and eventually a scream so loud you can’t ignore it. Symptoms are a survival tactic, not a failure on your body’s part. Seeing your symptoms as clues to what your body needs moves you out of a tiring a tug-of-war and into an incredible conversation.

2) Pay attention – simply notice if you’re hungry, or ask if you’re thirsty, tired or feeling stressed in a certain situation. Being open and curious about what your body is saying can be seriously eye-opening.

3) Take action – rather than noticing hunger and just pushing through, feeling tired at night but still watching that extra show, or feeling stressed and doing nothing about it, play with listening to your body’s request. It will pay you back a million times over with energy and happiness.

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