Dr. Naomi Potter runs a private clinic in New Malden and has worked as both a GP and Menopause specialist. Mental health issues, cardiovascular problems, metabolic issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, gynaecological conditions for example can all affect and be affected by the menopause. Her breadth of experience enables her to see the bigger picture when consulting with a woman.

Dr. Potter believes in an integrated holistic approach to patient care and works alongside a number of other professionals to optimise Menopause Management.  Exercise and lifestyle can play a significant part in menopause care and she has found that women who focus on exercise and healthy lifestyle choices improve symptoms faster and with greater effect.

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Registered Nutritional Therapist (CNHC) Catherine Pohl works in the Wimbledon area and online supporting the health and wellbeing of her clients by combining the latest nutritional science with a personalised approach.

As a Functional Medicine practitioner, she seeks to naturally rebalance the body for lasting benefits, rather than simply treat the individual symptoms which often only provides temporary relief. As well as diet, she also considers an individual’s genetics, medical history, lifestyle and environment to identify changes that will support the body in functioning optimally and has access to innovative and comprehensive private testing laboratories to dig deeper into the root cause of symptoms.

Catherine works across the whole range of body systems, but as a busy mum herself specialises in supporting  women and their families. She advocates that good nutrition should be focused on real food that is practical and sustainable for your individual circumstances.

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