Flipping 40's

Let us ‘flip’ your mind about how to move differently in your 40’s. Flipping 40’s is a 6-week evidence-based education and exercise programme. It is a unique approach to using exercise and movement to your advantage for optimal body, mind and spirit in your everyday life. The programme will enable you to make the right exercise and lifestyle choices for you based on your own personal circumstances. It focuses on balancing the main hormones through movement and nutrition and will also cover pelvic floor, bone health and lifestyle shift for optimal health in this stage of life and beyond.

The programme is aimed at all women in their 40’s, especially relevant for:

  • Those whose current exercise plan is not working for them
  • Those who want to exercise but are short on time
  • Those who are feeling stressed and don’t know what to do about it or where to start
  • Those suffering from increased fat around the tummy area
  • Those who want to educate themselves about using exercise as medicine
  • Those who want to learn to eat healthily without ‘calorie counting’ to lose weight naturally
  • Those who want a suggested personal exercise plan based on your own circumstances
  • Those who are suffering from increasing irritability, lack of energy, insomnia, brain fog and more!

What you will get:

  • A 1:1 pre-screening health assessment to assess your readiness for exercise and discuss any health issues you may have
  • Six 60-minute sessions which will include an educational workbook and some movement/exercise prescription
  • Equipment (1 mini band and one resistance band with handles) so that you can workout at home or in the park
  • Exercise “toolkit” for guidance when making choices
  • After the programme, I will provide you with your own personal suggested weekly exercise plan
  • Delicious recipes
  • Two ‘done for you’ 15min meditation downloads
  • Support between each session and after the programme via Facebook/ email to answer any questions that you may have

Course Cost is £99. Maximum of 6 women and will be held at the Fit Shack.

Course Starts Wednesday 5th June at 9.30am

and runs for 6 weeks