MenoMove Classes
Find Your Warrior Woman!

Are you feeling like your mind and body aren’t the same as those you have always had? Now that you’ve approached this stage of life, you may be wondering how you can:

  • increase your metabolism to burn fat more efficiently
  • balance your hormones
  • improve your sleep
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • improve and maintain bone density
  • use exercise as medicine

As a certified peri and menopause wellness coach , I can help!

MenoMove is a weekly class designed specifically for women who are perimenopausal or menopausal and offers support, education and movement to help you take control of your menopause and symptoms. Each session will include:

  • 30 minutes of movement which will focus on improving your fitness, heart health, joint mobility, muscle tone, bone health and balance.
  • relaxing stretches and a mindful wind down to help reduce cortisol and improve brain health.
  • group discussion on topics relevant to menopause so that women can talk, share and support each other.

Let me help you find your Warrior Woman!

Maximum of 8 women and will be held at the Fit Shack.


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