“Totally awesome toning, strength and interval training classes – I have noticed a real difference in my strength and body tone since starting four weeks ago. Jacqui keeps the classes physically intense, but always with time for a laugh!”- Mel (Lift & Tone and Interval Training client)

“Fantastic! – so nice to have a small class. The instructor was teaching us all as individuals which meant I got so much more out of it than a big class and it felt much more friendly and less intimidating than big classes. I also thought the instructor was a really excellent teacher – she explained how and why we should do things and helped us get into better positions”

Pippa (Yoga client)

“I am a player of lots of sports, but someone who is a fan of the games, the run, the match  – not the warm down stretch afterwards. As I have got older, I have always wondered if yoga would help me be more flexible and injury free – but always worried that it’s a whole new thing to learn, is it really exercise and how could a rugby guy really fit in? I initially approached BROGA with a sense of trepidation as to what it would entail,  but 6 months down the line I can’t recommend it more.

In a group of 8-10 self minded guys, Stephane takes us through ever changing yoga routines specially designed for gents new to yoga – with a special focus on helping us make sure we are always learning and pushing ourselves a little further.  I was amazed at how good a work out it is,  and I have seen the results in improved flexibility, reduced stiffness and recovery time in sport.  Even better i have suffered less from neck issues I have often had from working at my desk 9-5 and found it a great way to reduce stress.

I couldn’t recommend Broga more.” – Andrew (BROGA Client)

“I started Yoga at the Fit Shack last year after pulling a muscle in my back and wanted to avoid having to go through that pain again! I couldn’t recommend the classes with Stephane highly enough. The classes are are structured in a way that you are pushed to the edge of your comfort zone, and you soon realise you can achieve alot more than you thought you were capable of. Stephane goes into a lot of detail about the various postures and the reasoning behind the actions which I find very useful. After the classes I feel like I’ve had a solid workout but my body also feels very light and supple. Another big positive has been the mental benefits. The classes leave me feeling very grounded and with more energy and clarity for making decisions in my normal day to day life” – Shivam (BROGA Client)

“I just want to congratulate you on the fantastic space you have created. It really is perfect for yoga and your various other classes. I can see a lot of thought has gone into it and I really wish you all the best with your Fit Shack endeavour”

Keryn (Yoga client)

“Can’t recommend highly enough. Exactly what I have been looking for, for the last 2 years since my last class finished. 10 mins walk from my home, easy to book in, reasonable prices and a great teacher (Emily). Jacqui runs all the classes really professionally. This is one very happy client :)”

Liz (Yoga client)

“Great local fitness studio. I love the yoga classes and the friendly atmosphere. Highly recommended”

Priscilla (Yoga client)

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